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Our Team

Heading the Company is Karl Moore.

After completing his apprenticeship in 1983, Karl started the Company as Karl Moore Carpentry, and to begin with worked on his own. Over the next few years the business both expanded and diversified, and to reflect this, the change was made to Karl Moore Construction.

Now more than 30 years on, the business consists of Karl, 6 other tradesmen, and an Office Manager. Due to Karl's belief in the aprenticeship system of learning, three of the men now in the team served their aprenticeships with, and then stayed on as a part of, Karl Moore Construction.

Our Office Manager is Fiona Lloyd, and it is often the case that she is your main contact within the Company. Fiona is in charge of all paperwork needed to run the business; liaising with suppliers, and even running urgently needed materials out to site. In other words, a definite Girl Friday; whatever the day of the week.


You will probably have noticed that the Team photo above only has 7 persons in it. One of the team was out on an urgent job, and his place was taken by Newbie, the weimarana.